100 Iconic Postcards

100 Iconic Postcards
Titel: 100 Iconic Postcards
Bestelnr.: 9780241351963
Uitgever: Veltman Distributie Stationery
Prijs : € 21,95
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An irresistible set of 100 postcards from the Imperial War Museum collection, in a beautifully designed box. Featuring iconic posters and vintage photographs from WWI and WWII there is something for everyone! Including historical posters ('Don't Take Alcoholic Drinks on Mondays'), as well as iconic designs ('Keep Calm and Carry On'), and beautiful black and white photographs from both world wars. Discover two wartime eras of outstanding design and illustration in one sturdy little box. This collection is a fascinating snapshot into our shared history, with designs that are in turns hilarious, sobering, fascinating - and are always beautifully designed.