The Golden House

The Golden House
Titel: The Golden House
Auteur: Rushdie, Salman
Bestelnr.: 9780399592805
Uitgever: Random House US
Prijs : € 24,95
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Narrated by an aspiring filmmaker who gains the trust of Nero Golden, his sons Petya, Apu and D and Vasilsa, a Russian beauty who seduces Nero, this story focuses on the hope that brightens any dark situation while addressing dark topics. It is filled with love affairs, betrayal, violence and kidnapping amidst the dark background of an insane presidential candidate taking control of America.


A modern American epic set against the panorama of contemporary politics and culture--a hurtling, page-turning mystery that is equal parts The Great Gatsby and The Bonfire of the Vanities
Set against the strange and exuberant backdrop of current American culture and politics, The Golden House also marks Salman Rushdie's triumphant and exciting return to realism.
The result is a modern epic of love and terrorism, loss and reinvention--a powerful, timely story told with the daring and panache that make Salman Rushdie a force of light in our dark new age.