The Glory of Byzantium and Early Christendom

The Glory of Byzantium and Early Christendom
Titel: The Glory of Byzantium and Early Christendom
Auteur: Eastmond, Antony
Bestelnr.: 9780714848105
Uitgever: Phaidon
Prijs : € 75,00
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Celebrates 300 of the finest works of art and expressions of the Christian faith, presenting the full range of Byzantine art in sumptous glory, with glittering illustrations and concise descriptions

A picture-driven account of this important period in the proven successful format of Egypt -- 4000 Years of Art (Phaidon 2003). Presenting 300 artworks from the years 240 to 1453, The Glory of Byzantium and Early Christendom encapsulates the development of art in eastern Europe and eastern Mediterranean from the very early days of Christianity to the fall of Constantinople. From architecture to jewellery, from coins to paintings, from mosaics to book illuminations, Byzantine art in all its forms is explored. Unique not only for its extensive variety of art forms, the book also has a vast geographic scope, including art from Britain to Syria, from Spain to Turkey, from Egypt to Georgia. A sumptuous volume with stunning illustrations and concise descriptions, it places each artwork in its social, religious and political context, with an informative survey of its significance in this history of Byzantine art. A book for dipping into, as well as an inspiring, authoritative appraisal of this magnificent millennium of artistic culture.