The Red Thread: Nordic Design

The Red Thread: Nordic Design
Titel: The Red Thread: Nordic Design
Bestelnr.: 9780714873473
Uitgever: Phaidon
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Beautifully illustrated, it showcases the very best of Nordic design: from hand-carved children's toys to mid-century furniture classics. Features contributions from key Nordic designers, including, Alvar Aalto, Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen

From literature to food, lifestyle to fashion,
cinema to architecture, Nordic influence
is evident throughout contemporary culture.
The Red Thread: Nordic Design celebrates
this deep-rooted aesthetic, showcasing the
diversity of design from Scandinavia and
Finland via more than 200 objects - from
everyday items to exquisitely produced
decorative glassware, and from traditional
handmade textiles to mass-produced products
found in homes across the globe. The title is
taken from a metaphor, common in the Nordic
countries, of a shared and highlighted
characteristic (like a long connecting thread in
woven material), that runs through and connects
themes, ideas, stories, and, in this case, design.