The Great Dixter Cookbook

The Great Dixter Cookbook
Titel: The Great Dixter Cookbook
Bestelnr.: 9780714874005
Uitgever: Phaidon
Prijs : € 29,95
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Recipes from Great Dixter, Christopher Lloyd's quintessential English country garden. From English classics such as chicken and leek pie to apple crumble and beetroot chutney. The perfect gift for home cooks and gardeners alike

The Great Dixter Cookbook features seventy
simple and delicious seasonal recipes from the
kitchen garden at Great Dixter, the historic house
and garden located on the borders of Kent and
Sussex. Dishes included range from English
classics such as chicken and leek pie, apple
crumble, and beetroot chutney, to contemporary
recipes like crispy kale with sea salt and
shakshuka. Dixter was home to the revered and
highly influential gardener and writer, Christopher
Lloyd, and a number of this book's recipes have
been taken from the Lloyd family's personal
kitchen notebooks. With growing guides to more
than twenty varieties of vegetables and fruit to
accompany the recipes, this practical, accessible
book enriches the kitchens and lives of home
cooks and gardeners worldwide.