The New Tsar

The New Tsar
Titel: The New Tsar
Auteur: Myers, Stephen Lee
Bestelnr.: 9781471130649
Uitgever: Simon and Schuster UK
Prijs : € 15,95
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The tale of the rise and reign of Vladimir Putin, from obscurity to becoming one of the world's most conflicting and important leaders

Vladimir Putin rose out of Soviet deprivation to the pinnacle of influence in the new Russian nation. He came to office in 2000 as a reformer, cutting taxes and expanding property rights, bringing a measure of order and eventually prosperity to millions whose only experience of democracy in the early years following the Soviet collapse was instability, poverty and criminality. But soon Putin orchestrated the preservation of a new kind of authoritarianism, consolidating power, reasserting his country's might, brutally crushing revolts and swiftly dispatching dissenters, even as he retained the support of many.