Witch at the Wheel

Witch at the Wheel
Titel: Witch at the Wheel
Auteur: Umansky, Kaye
Bestelnr.: 9781471160936
Uitgever: Simon and Schuster UK
Prijs : € 9,95
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'A Bewitching tale, charmingly told and is certain to delight any witch in the making' M.G, Leonard, award-winning author of Beetle Boy
'A gorgeous story that bubbles with charm, wit and magic'Abi Elphinstone, author of The Dreamsnatcher
'Bursting with memorable characters, a huge sense of fun and a big dollop of honey, flowers and strawberry-scented magic!' Joe Berger, author of Lyttle LiesandHubble Bubble
'A sulky raven, a grubby dog and a common-sense heroine with a strong sense of customer service. This is a funny, magical treat!'Holly Webb, author ofLost in the Snow 

The wonderful Elsie Pickles is back in her second adventure! This time, local witchMagenta Sharpneeds help with her mail order magicservice, Sharp Spells on Tap, and once againmischief and marvellous magicare about to transform Elsie's life. Because with a grumpy genie on the loose set on causing trouble, getting Magenta's business back on track isn't going to be easy... 

A magical adventure from Kaye Umansky, the bestselling author of the spellbinding children's classicPongwiffy, brought to lifewith charming illustrations from rising star Ashley King!