The Reckoning of Noah Shaw

The Reckoning of Noah Shaw
Titel: The Reckoning of Noah Shaw
Auteur: Hodkin, Michelle
Bestelnr.: 9781471171666
Uitgever: Simon and Schuster UK
Prijs : € 10,95
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Noah Shaw doesn't think he needs his father's inheritance.
He does. 

Noah believes there's something off about the suicides in his visions.
There is. 

Noah is convinced that he knows the real Mara Dyer.
He does not. 

Everyone thought the nightmare had ended with Mara Dyer's memoirs, but it was only the beginning. As old skeletons are laid bare, alliances will be tested, hearts will be broken, and no one will be left unscarred. 

Let the confessions begin.

Noah Shaw's confessions continue in the second book in the Mara Dyer trilogy, as old skeletons are exposed and alliances tested