The Massacre of Mankind

The Massacre of Mankind
Titel: The Massacre of Mankind
Auteur: Baxter, Stephen
Bestelnr.: 9781473205116
Uitgever: Gollancz
Prijs : € 10,95
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The authorised sequel to one of the best-loved alien invasion novels, }The War Of The Worlds{, from the pre-eminent SF writer

It has been 14 years since the Martians invaded England.
The world has moved on, always watching the skies but content that we know how to defeat the Martian menace.
So when the signs of launches on Mars are seen, there seems little reason to worry.
Unless you listen to one man, Walter Jenkins, the narrator of Wells' book.
He is sure that the Martians have learned, adapted, understood their defeat.
Thrust into the chaos of a new invasion, a journalist, sister-in-law to Walter Jenkins, must survive, escape and report on the war.
The Massacre of Mankind has begun.