The Muse

The Muse
Titel: The Muse
Auteur: Burton, Jessie
Bestelnr.: 9781509845231
Uitgever: Macmillan UK
Prijs : € 10,95
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The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller; a picture hides a thousand words ... Seductive, exhilarating and suspenseful, THE MUSE is an unforgettable novel about aspiration and identity, love and obsession, authenticity and deception - a masterpiece from Jessie Burton, the million-copy bestselling author of THE MINIATURIST.


From the author of THE MINIATURIST comes an utterly enthralling new novel. July 1967, Odelle steps into the Skelton gallery in London and knows her life is about to change forever. The mysterious Marjorie Quick has offered her a job, and then a lost masterpiece is delivered to the gallery. The truth about the painting lies in 1936 Spain where Olive Schloss is harbouring ambitions of her own.