Benji & the giant kite

Benji & the giant kite
Titel: Benji & the giant kite
Auteur: Alan C. Fox
Bestelnr.: 9781605374031
Uitgever: Clavis B.V.B.A., Uitgeverij
Prijs : € 14,95
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An inspiring read-aloud picture book about ambition, perseverance and kite-flying from a best-selling author tells the story about kite-loving Benji's hard work to save up enough money to buy the kite he's had his eye on and the day he actually gets to fly it

An inspiring picture book about ambition, perseverance, and kite-flying. For aviators ages 4 and up. 

In a small shop, Benji sees a beautiful kite. It's huge and it's bright orange. But the kite is also very expensive. Benji takes on all kinds of jobs to earn the money to buy it . . . Then finally, the day comes he can fly the kite.