Girly Style Wardrobe

Girly Style Wardrobe
Titel: Girly Style Wardrobe
Auteur: Tsukiori, Yoshiko
Bestelnr.: 9781780674094
Uitgever: Laurence King Publishing
Prijs : € 18,00
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Offers a complete wardrobe of 28 projects for little girls, from smart dresses to smocks, trousers and even a parka, including bows, pintucks, patch pockets and lace edging. Clear, illustrated instructions accompany the patterns

Here Yoshiko Tsukiori turns her attention to clothes for little girls. She offers a complete wardrobe of 28 pieces from smart dresses to smocks, trousers and even a parka. Also included are a cute cap, clasp purse and drawstring bag, which are bound to delight their owners. She doesn't neglect the details-bows, pin tucks, patch pockets and lace edging make gorgeous extras. As children's clothes should be, these designs are comfortable and practical to wear as well as pleasing to look at. The designs are based on unfussy shapes, straightforward sewing techniques and a minimum of pattern pieces, making them easily adaptable for use with different fabrics or in longer or shorter lengths. Comprehensive instructions, with step-by-step diagrams, are included, together with full-scale paper patterns in five sizes (covering roughly ages 3 to 10).