The Pattern Sourcebook

The Pattern Sourcebook
Titel: The Pattern Sourcebook
Auteur: Cole, Drusilla
Bestelnr.: 9781780674711
Uitgever: Laurence King Publishing
Prijs : € 15,50
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A useful sourcebook for artists and designers, in a compact format, containing over 350 images from the last 100 years, from a wide range of well-known designers and with a variety of applications

This book is aimed at anyone with an interest in surface design and pattern, whether they are students, hobbyists or professionals. Over 350 images from the last 100 years are presented with informative captions, ordered aesthetically to create a pleasing visual impression whereby contemporary images are displayed next to historical images. The images are drawn from a wide variety of styles, art movements and countries of origin to give an overview of pattern design from the beginning of the last century to the present day. Images include fabric designs and wallpaper patterns primarily, plus some ceramic and other decorative patterns where appropriate. Patterns are chosen from a number of sources, including the archives of colleges, museums and private collections. International fashion houses and notable British designers such as Celia Birtwell and Zandra Rhodes have contributed images. An introduction discusses the predominant key themes that are relevant to the subject of pattern design.