100 Years of Architecture

100 Years of Architecture
Titel: 100 Years of Architecture
Auteur: Powers, Alan
Bestelnr.: 9781780678238
Uitgever: Laurence King Publishing
Prijs : € 36,00
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Diese einzigartige visuelle Geschichte dokumentiert in Archiv- und Farbfotografien, Plänen und Architekturzeichnungen die spannendste Periode der Architektur: vom frühen 20. Jahrhundert bis heute, von den frühen Entwicklungen in Beton und Stahl über den Aufbruch der Moderne, die provokanten Statements der Postmoderne in den 1980er Jahren, bis hin zu den Superstars und Weltmarken des 21. Jahrhunderts.

This unique visual history documents in pictures the most exciting and dynamic period of architecture: from the early 20th century to the present day, covering all the key movements, styles and architects, together with many lesser known but important names and buildings.  

Through archival and full-colour photography, plans and architectural drawings, the book illustrates the changing nature of architecture and its expansion during this period from the early developments of concrete and steel, through the eruption of Modernism to the provocative arguments of Postmodernism in the 1980s, right up to today's superstars and global brands. 

Written by an expert on 20th-century architecture, 100 Years of Architecture has the authority to serve both architecture students and professionals, but packed with more than 300 images, it will also appeal to the general reader.