The Hoarder

The Hoarder
Titel: The Hoarder
Auteur: Kidd, Jess
Bestelnr.: 9781782118527
Uitgever: Canongate
Prijs : € 13,95
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As featured on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio 2 Book Club, an unintentional psychic arrives to look after a belligerent man in a cat-filled and messy house

Unintentional psychic Maud Drennan arrives to look after Cathal Flood, a belligerent man hiding in his filthy, cat-filled home. 

Her job is simple: clear the rubbish, take care of the patient. But the once-grand house has more to reveal than simply its rooms. There is a secret here, and whether she likes it or not, Maud may be the one to finally uncover what has previously been kept hidden . . .