The Song of Seven

The Song of Seven
Titel: The Song of Seven
Auteur: Dragt, Tonke
Bestelnr.: 9781782691426
Uitgever: Pushkin
Prijs : € 12,95
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An exciting new stand-alone adventure by the author of }The Letter for the King{. Translated by Laura Watkinson

An exciting adventure by the author of the international bestseller The Letter for the King 


Deep in the woods, in a crooked house full of stairs, a young boy is kept prisoner by his uncle. He cannot meet other children, or have any friends. He hold the key to a secret. 

Meanwhile, in a quiet village, Frans the school teacher invents incredible stories of perilous deeds, shipwrecks, desert islands, and haunted castles to entertain his pupils, in chich he is the hero. Then one stormy evening, a mysterious letter blows onto his doormat, summoning him to a meeting. 

Suddenly, Frans is on a real-life mission, one in which he will encounter magicians, secret passages, conspiracies, hidden treasure, a black cat with green eyes and a sealed parchment which predicts the future. 

He will learn the secret of the Seven Ways. 

He will find seven allies. 

And he will make a fearsome enemy. 

The adventure has begun...