Kinfolk Volume 22

Kinfolk Volume 22
Titel: Kinfolk Volume 22
Bestelnr.: 9781941815250
Uitgever: Simon and Schuster US
Prijs : € 12,95
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Drawing upon a vibrant contributor base from Kyoto to Cape Town, the winter 2016 issue of Kinfolk will feature conceptual photography, fashion editorial, essays and interviews that examine ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with friends and family.

Along with a rich assortment of lifestyle content at the front and
back of the magazine, the themed middle section of Kinfolk Issue
Twenty-two revisits one of our most popular subjects: work and
the entrepreneurial spirit. Within this dedicated section, we meet
a diverse cross-section of the creative community to find out what
inspiring people do all day long, why they do it and what it is that
makes a job meaningful.
From a fresh outlook on office attire to the psychology behind
group dynamics and personality tests, plus meetings at the offices
of Byredo, Stine Goya and more, this issue will inspire readers
with new ideas and the drive to approach work meaningfully. 

Keeping all that's quintessential and perennial, we've made some changes to the winter edition of Kinfolk that offer
readers a more immersive and dynamic experience, including a striking new design, more content and an exciting
mix of papers, features and sections. Inside, the latest issue revisits one of our most popular subjects: work and the
entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside our regular mix of thoughtful lifestyle content, we dedicate the pages of a new
section to finding out how to master your craft, roll with the punches and not panic over professional failures.