Justice, home affairs and security

Justice, home affairs and security
Titel: Justice, home affairs and security
Auteur: Gert Vermeulen
Wendy de Bondt
Bestelnr.: 9789046607473
Uitgever: Maklu, Uitgever
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This book offers an insight into the historical, institutional and topical development of the EU policy in the areas of justice, home affairs and security, well-embedded in a broader international context. The main part of the book, dedicated to the EU, is therefore preceded by a part on relevant cooperation on the Benelux and Schengen levels and followed by a part on cooperation in the areas concerned on Council of Europe, NATO, OSCE, G8, OECD and UN levels. Without a proper understanding of those cooperation levels, the development and functioning of the EU would be hard to fully grasp. Before addressing the actual policy dimension, all parts start with a historical introduction and a sketch of institutional structures and functioning. 

For students and professionals in criminology, law and political science, and every one interested in European and international criminal policy making this book will prove relevant or insightful. 

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