The smiling skulls

The smiling skulls
Titel: The smiling skulls
Auteur: Joelson Njoku
Bestelnr.: 9789048439195
Uitgever: Free Musketeers
Prijs : € 16,95
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The abduction of over 250 Secondary School girls in Chibok, north-east of Nigeria, attracted the sympathy of the International Community, bringing the activities of Boko Haram to the fore. Before Boko Haram became Nigeria's'first class headache,'militancy in the Niger Delta worked havoc, kidnapping and abducting foreign oil company workers for ransom. Therefore, this book digs deeper to unearth the bearing the crises and security concerns in Nigeria have with the socio-political and economic conditions in the country - endemic poverty, political corruption, high rate of unemployment, and high cost of education and medical treatment. This book also discusses the implications and proffers possible solutions.