The Ford Road

The Ford Road
Titel: The Ford Road
Auteur: Marcel Koeleman
Bestelnr.: 9789048439638
Uitgever: Free Musketeers
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After the historic fire of Detroit in 1805, a new cityplan was designed with avenues radiating from the centre. Michigan Avenue became one of the 'spokes' and was continued by Ford Road. This Ford Road is a tribute to the founding father of the automotive industry in Detroit: William Ford, the father of Henry Ford. As a tribute to this endeavour and being interested if it would be possible to 'sample' this city in decline, I made a cross section of Detroit in photographs on my rented yellow bike cycling from the city centre westwards alongside the Ford Road. Detroit shows itself as in annual rings on a cut tree: these are the 'inner images' of Detroit. 

Marcel Koeleman
Detroit USA/Rotterdam Holland, 2013/2015