11-Language Handbook to the Names of all Holarctic Birds

11-Language Handbook to the Names of all Holarctic Birds
Titel: 11-Language Handbook to the Names of all Holarctic Birds
Auteur: Ad Tolhuijs
Bestelnr.: 9789050116794
Uitgever: KNNV Publishing
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A useful reference work for traveling birders. This book contains current taxonomy and scientific species of 31 bird orders, 150 families and 3040 species of the Holarctic region, and the vernacular names in 10 modern languages. 

Our political borders are meaningless to birds by nature. Similarly, these borders do not hold back professional ornithologists and amateur birdwatchers from following their study subjects, wherever they go. Both 'species' are fond of traveling and real cosmopolites. 

This bird name handbook in 11 languages is a practical tool when traveling through continents and across oceans where residents and fellow ornithologists speak a wide array of languages. 

The expansive Holarctic region encompasses Europe, North Africa, the Near and Far East, Asia north of the Himalayas, together with China, Japan and Taiwan, followedby Canada, Nunavut, Greenland, continental USA, subtropical Mexico, as well as the Arctic, North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans with their islands. 

The official names and current taxonomy are given in 11 modern languages: 

1. Latin (scientific names)
2. English
3. German (Deutsch)
4. Dutch (Nederlands)
5. Danish (Danske)
6. Swedish (Svenska)
7. Polish (Polska)
8. French (Franšais)
9. Spanish (Espa˝ol)
10. Italian (Italiano)
11. Russian (P??????) 

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