Here's Holland

Here's Holland
Titel: Here's Holland
Auteur: S. Gazaleh-Weevers
S. Agudo
C. Moser
Bestelnr.: 9789059721418
Uitgever: Eburon Uitgeverij B.V.
Prijs : € 17,50
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For first-time visitors or those who intend to stay awhile, Here's Holland takes you on an incomparable journey through the Netherlands - province by province - to places known only to local residents... complete with travel destinations and resources for a week or a lifetime.
From the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, world-class museums and the famous tulip fields, to the world's smallest hotel and some of the grandest castles and manor houses - including some that you can stay in - along with a wealth of resources and practical advice to accompany you on your journey, Here's Holland is the most comprehensive guide to the best that Holland has to offer. No other book covers so much, so well.
It's'simply the best'.
'The definitive guide equally suited to visitor and resident. Well researched, clearly written vital resource.'American Book center, Amsterdam/The Hague
'Absolutely the most practical guide for tourists and expats alike. If you are looking for the real Holland experience, then let this book be your guide.'Waterstones bookstore,Amsterdam
'As indispensable to the traveller as his passport.'Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce, London