Between foraging and farming

Between foraging and farming
Titel: Between foraging and farming
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Between Foraging and Farming is liber amicorum for prof. Leendert Louwe Kooijmans, former dean of the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. Neolithisation has been Louwe Kooijmans' research field since the nineteen-sixties and that is the reason why the topic of this book is the Meso-Neo transition.  

Twenty-three researchers contributed to this volume, among them colleagues from the Faculty like Corrie Bakels, Annelou van Gijn , Pieter van de Velde and Harry Fokkens, but also from other Dutch institutes like Marjorie de Grooth and Jan Albert Bakker, and colleagues from abroad like Bryony Coles, Alasdair Whittle, Richard Bradley, Peter Bogucki, Søren Andersen and Haio Zimmermann. A fitting homage for a great researcher. 


Jan Hendrik Holwerda and the adoption of the three-age system in the Netherlands
Leo Verhart 

The temporality of culture changes
Harry Fokkens 

Timing, tempo and temporalities in the early Neolithic of southern Britain
Alex Bayliss, Alasdair Whittle, Frances Healy 

The end of the beginning: changing confi gurations in the British and Irish Neolithic
Richard Bradley 

The Danubian-Baltic Borderland: Northern Poland in the fifth millennium BC
Peter Bogucki 

The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Western Denmark seen from a kitchen midden perspective: a survey
Søren H. Andersen 

Tracing the Neolithic in the lowlands of Belgium: the evidence from Sandy Flanders
Philippe Crombé, Joris Sergant 

A southern view on north-south interaction during the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Lower Rhine Area
Bart Vanmontfort 

The foam that fl ies ahead of a wave of advance: thoughts on the early neolithisation of the Lower Rhine uplands
Pieter van de Velde 

Maastricht-Vogelzang, the Netherlands, a Michelsberg site in the valley of the Meuse seen from a botanical angle
Corrie Bakels 

Phosphate mapping of a Funnel Beaker Culture house from Flögeln-Eekhöltjen, district of Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony
W. Haio Zimmermann 

The Schipluiden pottery: mobility, exchange and mode of production
Daan Raemaekers 

Hazendonk layers over and over again
Luc Amkreutz, Leo Verhart, Milco Wansleeben 

The scale of human impact at the Hazendonk, the Netherlands, during the Late Neolithic
Welmoed Out 

An eagle-eyed perspective. Haliaeetus albicilla in the Mesolithic and Neolithic of the Lower Rhine Area
Luc Amkreutz, Raymond Corbey 

Were beavers aware? A change of perspective on the neolithisation of Britain
Bryony Coles 

Exotic fl int and the negotiation of a new identity in the 'margins' of the agricultural world: the case of the Rhine-Meuse delta
Annelou van Gijn 

Engaging with stone: Making the Neolithic in Ireland and Western Britain
Gabriel Cooney 

Points of contact. Refl ections on Bandkeramik-Mesolithic interactions west of the Rhine
Marjorie de Grooth 

On the Production of Discoidal Flint Knives and Changing Patterns of Specialist Flint Procurement in the Neolithic on the South Downs, England
Julie Gardiner 

Upper Largie and Dutch-Scottish connections during the Beaker period
Alison Sheridan 

Neolithic Alpine axeheads, from the Continent to Great Britain, the Isle of Man
and Ireland
Pierre Pétrequin, Alison Sheridan, Serge Cassen, Michel Errera, Estelle Gauthier, Lutz Klassen, Nicolas Le Maux
Yvan Pailler 

A note on prehistoric routes on the Veluwe and near Uelzen
Jan Albert Bakker