The Hague Highlights

The Hague Highlights
Titel: The Hague Highlights
Auteur: Ineke Mahieu
Ad van Gaalen
Bestelnr.: 9789073930414
Uitgever: Seapress
Prijs : € 14,50
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Shops, churches, ice cream parlours, almshouses, a miniature village and a castle from the Middle Ages. These, and many more notable places are to be found in The Hague, the Dutch city by the sea. In this book we collected the 100 must-see places of The Hague. Some of them are well known but others are hidden gems that are worth visiting if you have the opportunity. This 'intelligent readers guide' will provide you with the historical context and location of some of the city's most interesting places. You can experience this from the comfort of your arm chair or by touring the places by foot, bike or public transport. Enjoy your journey through the hundred highlights of historic The Hague. 

Ineke Mahieu and Ad van Gaalen

Ineke Mahieu and Ad van Gaalen are authors well known in The Hague for their books 'De Haagse Canon' and 'De Haagse Plekken'. In 2013 'De Haagse plekken' was elected as 'Best Book of The Hague' by the city's readers. This title is now available in English as 'The Hague Hightlights', slightly adapted for foreign readers by translator Stephen Agnew.