God My Hope/ Dios Mi Speranza

God My Hope/ Dios Mi Speranza
Titel: God My Hope/ Dios Mi Speranza
Auteur: Shammah Hart
Bestelnr.: 9789081411820
Uitgever: Highly Favored Publishing
Prijs : € 10,00
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God My Hope is a collection of poems, presented in two languages, English and Papiamentu, with the aim to inspire and motivate the reader. We all go thru adventures in life. There are moments of joy and those of sadness. But, if we remember that God is our strength, He shall not withhold His help from us.

Dios Mi Speransa ta un kolekshon di poesia, presentá na dos idioma, Ingles y Papiamentu, ku e meta pa inspirá y motivá e lektor. Nos tur ta pasa aventuranan den bida. Tin momentunan di goso i tambe di tristesa. Pero, si nos kňrda ku Dios ta nos fortalesa, hamas i nunka lo E keda sin manda Su yudansa pa nos.