Witnessing you

Witnessing you
Titel: Witnessing you
Auteur: Caroline Nevejan
Bestelnr.: 9789081983907
Uitgever: Participatory Systems Initiative, Delft University of Technology
Prijs : € 22,00
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Researcher and designer Caroline Nevejan focuses on the implications of technology on society. Together with thirteen artists she explores today's footprint on the future. When time and place are not shared, the resulting engagement in merging realities presents a challenge to human dignity. New values for the (meta-)design of participatory systems, in which people accept responsibility for their words and deeds in order to negotiate trust and truth in a networked world, are thoroughly investigated here. Texts, artworks, impressions and analyses fill the book, including work by Debra Solomon, Afaina de Jong, Martin Butler, Angelo Vermeulen, and several others.