The E-primer

The E-primer
Titel: The E-primer
Auteur: Michiel Spape
Rinus Verdonschot
Saskia van Dantzig
Henk van Steenbergen
Bestelnr.: 9789087281830
Uitgever: Leiden University Press
Prijs : € 28,50
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E-Prime, the software suite of Psychology Software Tools, is used worldwide for designing and running custom psychology experiments. Aimed at students and researchers alike, this timely volume provides a much needed, down-to-earth introduction into the wide range of experiments that can be set up using E-Prime. Many tutorials are provided to introduce the beginner and reacquaint the experienced researcher with constructing experiments typical for the broad field of psychological and cognitive science.  

Apart from explaining the basic structure of E-Prime and describing how it suits daily scientific practice, this book also gently introduces programming via E-Prime's own language: E-Basic. The authors guide the readers through the software step by step, from an elementary level to an advanced level, enabling them to benefit from the enormous possibilities E-Prime provides for experimental design. 

- Michiel Spapé originally conceived the first E-Primer whilst working on a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Leiden. Presently, he is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.
- Rinus Verdonschot obtained his PhD at Leiden University. Currently he is a post-doc at Nagoya University in Japan.
- Saskia van Dantzig obtained her PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is currently working as a research scientist at Philips Research.
- Henk van Steenbergen obtained his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Cognitive Psychology Unit of Leiden University, where he is currently working as an assistant professor.