The Demand Supply Governance Framework

The Demand Supply Governance Framework
Titel: The Demand Supply Governance Framework
Auteur: Jork Lousberg
Marco van der Haar
Menzo Meijer
Bestelnr.: 9789087536947
Uitgever: Van Haren Publishing
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Demand Supply Governance is a skill in high demand because of the following:
* Ever faster technology advances, pressures on costs and service levels causes pressure on the IT departments to deliver.
* Outsourcing has made the market more competitive
* IT departments are poor at demonstrating and publicizing their added value.

The Demand Supply Governance discipline addresses these issues by focusing on:
* Encouraging services, as required by and agreed upon with the business, which are actually delivered to the business: on time and in accordance with the agreed upon quality specifications, and at an acceptable level of costs.
* Increasing the added value of IT and making it manifest  

This title looks at the key frictions of encouraging IT Supply to meet Business Demand. By encouraging a pro-active approach this title suggests that IT departments can dramatically improve their profile and their services to the organization It describes an established framework with a key set of principles as well as practical issues such as roles, organization and implementation. 

This title supports the Sourcing Governance Foundation Qualification.
SGF Qualification also qualifies an individual for COS-FP certification from IAOP®.