Graphic design on paper, screens and products

Graphic design on paper, screens and products
Titel: Graphic design on paper, screens and products
Auteur: A.O. Eger
Bestelnr.: 9789089536266
Uitgever: Boom Lemma uitgevers
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The need for people to produce, publish and distribute information has grown dramatically in the twentieth century. New developments followed one another in quick order. This book wants to offer a textbook that helps to create good, effective and aesthetically pleasing graphic designs. The book handles two aspects of graphic design. Firstly the effect of graphic design: What is the message to be communicated? To whom? And with which means? Subjects that are addressed, are websites, magazines, newsletters, brochures, reports and books. Secondly, this book describes the graphic design used on products and related to products: operator panels, packaging and product graphics. The book also discusses the function one can give to a graphic design. The visions reflected can be summarised with 'less is more', which is advocated in an essay by Beatrice Ward, and as 'less is a bore'. The arguments for this statement are derived from fragments of texts by Robert Venturi and Frans Haks. The latter brought -with great enthusiasm- the ideas of Venturi into practice in the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands.