Here, there, everywhere

Here, there, everywhere
Titel: Here, there, everywhere
Bestelnr.: 9789090281735
Uitgever: Idea Books B.V.
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'Here, There, Everywhere' explores the value of dead stock, of downloadable design, of copying as a design method, of a self-invented service mentality typical of Manhattan, of the lack of an explicit national identity inherent to Belgium, of the Russian love for bling, of an alternative economy where materials become more expensive, and more. From the future of nomadic living to imaginary brands, economic zones and societies, this book is a snapshot of realistic and imaginative findings by Droog Lab in collaboration with designers, architects and thinkers including Winy Maas, Metahaven, Jurgen Bey, Richard Hutten, Theo Deutinger, Mieke Gerritzen, Erik Kessels and others.