The Rolling Home

The Rolling Home
Titel: The Rolling Home
Auteur: Calum Creasey
Lauren Smith
Bestelnr.: 9789401449779
Uitgever: Lannoo
Prijs : € 35,99
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Hitting the road with a camper or van. It's one of today's most popular travel trends. For a while, the urban nomad turns into a global nomad, retreating from the daily rat race, discovering the world and enjoying the ultimate freedom on four wheels. And often, for quite a while.
This book will have you daydreaming about gorgeous locations, but is also quick to add testimonies from the most popular real-life campers about their adventures on the road. Spectacular pictures, portraits, the most gorgeous campers, life hacks and road trips, dos and don'ts. All of this is uniquely presented, making this book a must-have for any 'van nomad', concrete travel plans or not.