The IT4IT? Reference Architecture, Version 2.0

The IT4IT? Reference Architecture, Version 2.0
Titel: The IT4IT? Reference Architecture, Version 2.0
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The Open Group IT4IT? Reference Architecture, Version 2.0, an Open Group Standard, provides a vendor-neutral, technology-agnostic, and industry-agnostic reference architecture for managing the business of IT. 

The Open Group IT4IT Reference Architecture standard comprises a reference architecture and a value chain-based operating model. 

The IT Value Chain has four value streams supported by a reference architecture to drive efficiency and agility. The four value streams are:  

* Strategy to Portfolio
* Request to Fulfill
* Requirement to Deploy
* Detect to Correct
Each IT Value Stream is centered on a key aspect of the service model, the essential data objects (information model), and functional components (functional model) that support it. Together, the four value streams play a vital role in helping IT control the service model as it advances through its lifecycle.  

The IT4IT Reference Architecture:
* Provides prescriptive guidance on the specification of and interaction with a consistent service model backbone (common data model/context)
* Supports real-world use-cases driven by the Digital Economy (e.g., Cloud-sourcing, Agile, DevOps, and service brokering)
* Embraces and complements existing process frameworks and methodologies (e.g., ITIL®, CoBIT®, SAFe, and TOGAF®) by taking a data-focused implementation model perspective, essentially specifying an information model across the entire value chain 

The audience for this standard is:
* IT Professionals who are responsible for delivering services in a way that is
flexible, traceable, and cost-effective
* IT Professionals / Practitioners who are focused on instrumenting the IT
management landscape
* IT Leaders who are concerned about their operating model
* Enterprise Architects who are responsible for IT business transformation 

Topics covered include:
* An introduction to the standard and the purpose of the IT4IT work
* Key terminology of the standard
* An introduction for executives and others introducing the IT Value Chain and IT4IT Reference Architecture concepts
* IT4IT Core, which defines the structure of the IT4IT standard as well as the process and document structure used by the IT4IT standard
* The Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) Value Stream
* The Requirement to Deploy (R2D) Value Stream
* The Request to Fulfill (R2F) Value Stream
* The Detect to Correct (D2C) Value Stream
* Background information on the standard.