The dream facilitator

The dream facilitator
Titel: The dream facilitator
Auteur: Roy Sá Klijnstra
Bestelnr.: 9789402156188
Uitgever: Brave New Books
Prijs : € 17,50
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In The Dream Facilitator Roy Sá Klijnstra explains in easy to understand language why we do what we do and why we feel how we feel. With Sá Klijnstra's nine step program you will learn how to master your mind and body in order to progress yourself to the person you want to become. Once you understand the principals and techniques behind the nine steps you will find out that the happiness and fulfillment you are searching for lies in the expansion of the human being that you are today. 

With confronting questions and challenging exercises you will be moved forward towards a new destination.  

Sá Klijnstra has no degree in psychology or any experience in this area, but he has the best role model in the world, Tony Robbins. 

Investing in this book means investing in yourself. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!