(1) Voyage to Lilliput

(1) Voyage to Lilliput
Titel: (1) Voyage to Lilliput
Auteur: Hans Kokhuis
Bestelnr.: 9789402187106
Uitgever: Brave New Books
Prijs : € 17,00
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The series provides a mirror; it questions our routine ways of looking and interpreting the world. In an all-consuming landscape of social media, impressions and opinions, it is wise to take some time to listen silently to your own talents and ideas.
In Lilliput the focus is on opening the mind, detecting frames and filters that so easily put us on the wrong footing. A world behind the fašade and so full of possibilities.
Creativity is a leap of faith over imagined walls. There is the intuitive knowledge that it can be done differently and maybe better. To successfully explore the unknown means being prepared for the unexpected. This may sound paradoxical, and 'yes' that is one of the most endearing aspects of creativity: it may open doors to unexpected possibilities and then again it may be a dead end. You need courage to dare to fail. Opportunities do not just fall from the air: even serendipity comes only to those who have an open mind.
No doubt you'll find inspiration in the footsteps of Gulliver and become aware of unknown creative powers. And see the invisible boundaries that have kept you from exploring the rich world beyond your horizon.