The People Spotter's Guide - English edition

The People Spotter's Guide - English edition
Titel: The People Spotter's Guide - English edition
Auteur: Tom Borremans
Sven Van den Eynde
Bestelnr.: 9789460582226
Uitgever: Luster Uitgeverij
Prijs : € 19,95
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The People Spotter's Guide, vol 1. is a tongue-in-cheek catalogue, presenting over 100 types of humans. Every type is illustrated with a photo and an - of course highly ironic - text, to help you spot these people in
the wild. So you might run into an example of the Homo Securitatis Inferioris (security agents who don't look like they're strong) or the Homo Amantus Vestimentatis Identicus (an identically dressed couple). The guide encourages you to go out and explore your own biotope and to take a closer look at the people living in it. Every spotting is awarded with a number of points - the more rare the behaviour you've witnessed, the more points you'll get. 

Animator and cartoonist Tom Borremans is the creator of 'Principal Peter' (for the Flemish weekly Humo) and 'Socially Inapt Michiel', one of the most popular items on the TV-show called 'The Ideal World' (on Canvas). For this book he teamed up with Sven Van den Eynde, who works as a writer for the succcesfull TV production house Woestijnvis.