Klantgestuurd voorraadbeleid en empowerment

Klantgestuurd voorraadbeleid en empowerment
Titel: Klantgestuurd voorraadbeleid en empowerment
Auteur: Sake Zijlstra
Bestelnr.: 9789461860026
Uitgever: TU Delft Open
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Central to this dissertation are client driven housing management from housing associations in The Netherlands and the empowerment effects this management has on its tenants. The central issue includes what client driven housing management is (definition), in which ways this can be devised, what the envisioned effects are and which effects this management successfully accomplishes. These are answered using seven sub-questions. The focal point of this research shifts from an exploration of all the initiatives that can be found in client-driven housing management, to the empowerment effect for its tenants of 'Te Woon' as one of these initiatives.