The simple mathematics of Jesus

The simple mathematics of Jesus
Titel: The simple mathematics of Jesus
Auteur: Thomas Colignatus
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Carpenter Joseph and virgin Mary fled with Jesus to Egypt. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead we discover many elements of the Bible. Io-Seb and Isis-Mery are the Egyptian gods of Sun and Moon. And then Jesus ...

We can apply mathematics to anything, like space, numbers, physics, biology, etcetera. This essay applies mathematics to the story of Jesus of Nazareth. 

The simple mathematics of Jesus concerns the development of the calendar using astronomy. 

The priest-astrologers regarded the sun, moon, planets and stars as gods and goddesses. They used poetic language to remember the observations and to pass those on to new generations. The uninitiated who heard the stories started to think that those were really about the gods.  

There is for example the division of the day into morning, noon and evening. Three times 60 degrees gives the heavenly dome of 180 degrees. Sixty translates as Great One, since Sumerian arithmetic uses base 60. Three times the Great One gives the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (old man). When god dies he resurrects in the morning again as his own son. What is useful for the measurement of time becomes a rich theology. The essay contains many examples like this. 

The essay suggests complexer mathematics to discover who Jesus was and how the Bible was written. 

Thomas Colignatus is econometrician and teacher of mathematics. See htt