The Dutch royal family

The Dutch royal family
Titel: The Dutch royal family
Auteur: Arnout van Cruyningen
Bestelnr.: 9789461936653
Uitgever: Mijnbestseller B.V.
Prijs : € 14,91
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A short history of the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange-Nassau, to mark the accession to the throne of the Netherlands of H.M. King Willem-Alexander on 30 April 2013.

In 2007 Dutch royal historian Arnout van Cruyningen first published a short guide to the House of Orange-Nassau and the Monarchy in the Netherlands in the English language.  

This illustrated, revised and updated edition, packed with biographical, historical, genealogical and constitutional information, marks the abdication of Queen Beatrix and accession of King Willem-Alexander in 2013. It celebrates the two centuries old Kingdom of the Netherlands and much older Orange Dynasty.  

A must-have for anyone interested in European (royal) history.