The Position of Dutch Works Councils in Multinational Corporations

The Position of Dutch Works Councils in Multinational Corporations
Titel: The Position of Dutch Works Councils in Multinational Corporations
Auteur: Marcus Meyer
Bestelnr.: 9789462368484
Uitgever: Eleven international publishing
Prijs : € 69,00
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This book sets out to answer two main questions: what is the status quo of the position of Dutch works councils in multinational corporations? And which tools within the Dutch legal framework can be utilised in order to secure the successful involvement of the works council in the decision-making process in light of the increasingly globalised economy?
The findings show that many participation rights are frequently used in practice, but not always. The inventory of good practices further revealed that a multitude of potential solutions are applied in practice. They show that, through negotiation and long-term experiences with participation mechanisms, tailor-made employee participation processes can be achieved.
Overall, the position of the examined Dutch works councils is solid. However, works councils, management and supervisory boards and other stakeholders need to work on several aspects in order to improve the position of works councils and to safeguard their statutory rights - a theme that is emphasised throughout this study. 

About the author: Marcus Meyer's primary research focus is on employee participation issues in multinational corporations, both under national and EU law.?His research is primarily of an empirical nature and focuses both on quantitative as well as qualitative legal research. Having participated in a number of research projects on cross-border mergers and corporate mobility, he also has a strong interest in corporate governance issues. 

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