The Golden Age book

The Golden Age book
Titel: The Golden Age book
Auteur: Jeroen Giltaij
Bestelnr.: 9789462581562
Uitgever: Wbooks
Prijs : € 29,95
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The Golden Age Book is a bestselling overview of masterful 17th-century paintings. During the Golden Age the art of painting blossomed. Countless Dutch artists created strong works that still amaze and astound us four centuries later. Discover hundreds of masterpieces from the greatest Dutch art collections in this affordable but beautifully crafted volume. 

Around the start of the 17th century, artists started painting landscapes, still lifes, scenes of daily life, seascapes and church interiors in a style that was unprecedented and full of quality. They possessed imaginative powers that we can now barely fathom. Over the course of the entire century new, talented painters with unique styles presented themselves. Some, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer en Frans Hals have become famous around the globe, but there were many other, lesser-known masters creating imposing works of art.