The modernization of Chinese art

The modernization of Chinese art
Titel: The modernization of Chinese art
Auteur: Jane Zheng
Bestelnr.: 9789462700567
Uitgever: Leuven University Press
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Fist academic study on modernity at the Shanghai Art College
The Shanghai Art College was one of the most important art schools in Republican China. This is the first academic study written on the early history of the College. It makes a major contribution to the history of art education in China, Shanghai in particular. The book presents a new approach to how people understand the modernization of Chinese art, and the significance and consequences of modernity in the Shanghai art world of the period 1913-1937. The author proposes new theoretical models to explain the interactions between multiple levels of social structures and artists, with a special emphasis on the role of art education institutions in transforming artists, artworks and the development of artistic fields.
Presenting unique historical images hereto hidden in the archives of the College, the book brings forward the distinctive modern characteristics of the early 20th-century Shanghai Art College.