The eschatos betrayal

The eschatos betrayal
Titel: The eschatos betrayal
Auteur: Robin E. Flennok
Bestelnr.: 9789463090018
Uitgever: Uitgeverij Marmer B.V.
Prijs : € 19,95
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What if the most powerful people in the world find a way to eliminate a large part of the world's population? 

During a stormy night on the Eiger in Switzerland, seventeen-year-old Claudia Schaidler disappears. She is the daughter of the wealthy industrialist Matthieu Schaidler, the owner of a pharmaceutical giant and a director of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel.
MI5 agent Josh McFarren is put on the case. This is a boost to McFarren's career, whose last field assignment was three years ago. After being briefen by mi5, McFarren visits the scene of the kidnapping. He travels on to
Geneva for a short meeting with Schaidler, who is overly calm about the kidnapping of his daughter. A murder and a disappearance put McFarren on the trail of the Order of Malta. 

He follows Schaidler's trail to his pharmaceutical company chore, in Delhi, and discovers that all sorts of things are not right. It graduale becomes clear to him that a sinister game is played: a bid for power dubbed
Eschatos (the last days) which will result in the death of billions of people. McFarren has no choice but to form an alliance with the largest crimineel organisation in Asia in order to stop the perpetrators. 

In this exciting action thriller, Flennok gives a realistic portaal of something that has been threatening the world for decades. What if the most powerful people in the world should decide to deploy their resources and machinery to eliminate a large part of the world's population?