The emerging new science

The emerging new science
Titel: The emerging new science
Auteur: Noel Huntley
Bestelnr.: 9789463188852
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The purposes of life and the universe are known today, though not realised by the general public or the scientific community.
Scientists in many disciplines recognise the need for a new paradigm; a science encompassing all facets of knowledge: mainstream science, philosophy, the paranormal, religions, New Age, ancient knowledge; that will embrace life, mind, the universe and consciousness well beyond the narrow field of current science, which only handles the 3D universe, and in fact is essentially limited to nonharmonic laws and principles, with subsequent nonharmonic technologies, resulting in pollution, harmful energies to life, extreme inefficiencies of energy generation, and deficiencies in energy supplies.
Leading visionary physicist Richard Feynman states it succinctly: 'What we need is imagination--we have to find a new view of the world.'